3M Versaflo TR

3M Versaflo TR
3M Versaflo TR
3M Versaflo TR


3M Versaflo TR-315 Powered Air Respirator Starter Kit.

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The 3M Versaflo respirator is ideal for use in a variety of situations where filtered air is necessary for safety. The product is made to the highest specifications and has been approved according to global standards when it comes to respiratory protective devices.

It can be used in various settings from pharmaceutical or woodworking industries to demolition or mechanical industries – and anywhere else that may require the use of a superior air respiration kit which protects, purifies and enables safe breathing.

Unlike non-powered respirators, an air powered respirator reduces pressure put on the face as well as reducing breathing resistance and heat build-up – which greatly increases comfort when worn for long periods of time.

It can easily be worn all day by a user without causing any discomfort. The three main goals 3M had in mind when creating the 3M Versaflo system was to simplify the equipment selection process for buyers, increase the versatility of the entire system and ultimately, improve the overall user comfort.


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